Omega Medical Supply sells Used equipment which is detailed for customers to purchase with confidence. Omega will purchase used equipment or sell your equipment on a consignment basis. If you don’t find what you need for your clinic, let us know and we can find it for you.

Decompression Table with New Chattanooga TX system

Includes harness, belts, bolsters and Saunders Cervical Traction $6250

Dynatronics Solaris 709

Combination 5 channel with 5 cm ultra sound head $2850 (5 years old)
Dynatronics 5 channel stim 25 Series $2050 (4 years old)

Earthlite Adjustable Heightwith 30” Width. – $500

31”HX24”WX72”L Portable Activator Table $400

ES 2000 table with Pelvic, Chest and Cervical Drops and breakaway chest piece

Stationary bench

Thermostim Probe

Zenith 440

Refurbished with all drops with new compressor


Lloyd Activator Stationary Bench 30’H 26”W


Portable table with 4 drops by Thule


Zenith 220 with pelvic and cervical drop with breakaway

Explanation of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) tax credit.
Under section of the ADA tax code 44; 50% of up to $10,250 can be part of the tax credit.
An example would be a table purchased for $5,250.
The first $250 would be subtracted. 50% of the $5000 is $2500. $2500 is taken as the tax credit.
The balance of $2500 would deducted under section 179 of the tax code or depreciated.

Consult your tax advisor for the cost savings.